By Starr Potratz

Hello beautiful people!!! You will understand my title as you read on.

First I hope all ya'll have been scooping up the delights Boss Moss brought back from the plant show. I'm sure everybody enjoyed that sun-shiny weather here along Lake Erie and hopefully it spread further out.

Which leads me to talk about not being disappointed with the first show of our early bloomers. These days of sunny euphoria are pretty and gives us lake people a reprieve from the other end of that joy ...our lake effect snow. In all reality it is coaxing out early bloomers but worse yet it can go beyond and hit our later spring affecting our booty from the fruit trees.

So Plant Lady recommends trust YOUR limits! A job too big ...is a job too BIG. Bulbs are easier to care for and are less taxing on our bodies, MORE MULCH if they are peeking too soon or cover them up a bit more with blankets. Now the bigger boys such as flowering or fruit trees under six foot tall like our dogwoods, cherry, hydrangeas, azaleas and dwarf pears, apples, apricots or peach trees... cover those beautiful specimens with landscape fabric, burlap, old bedding sheets, ect. Over that height call for help and I am only recommending those special feature specimen trees or shrubs ... you know the ones you want everyone passing by to go "Ooooooohhhhhhh Mmmyyyyyyy..... I HAVE TO HAVE ONE OF THOSE!!!" that are in your yard. My point is don't hurt yourself so all you will be able to do is have a leg elevated and only get to lay there and watch it bloom as you are looking out a window. So until we read again ...Take good care and be safe!

Sincerely, The Plant Lady



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