Let's talk "DIRTY"

By Starr Potratz

Soil, Soil, Soil... Rotation, Amendments, and all the fun things we do in the DIRT :-)

A soil test costs about $10.00 so now consider what you have been doing...

is it the shot gun approach? Are your flower beds and gardens giving back? Are you throwing on

Lyme and Fertilizers hoping for the best? Knowledge is priceless!!! Potratz Greenhouse has soil test

kits the cost is $9 and as Penn State Extension. You really should check into it and analize what is up or down

in your soil. Think about it this test. It could save you from disappointing end results and $$$.

Here at Potratz Floral Shop and Greenhouse we want you to succeed... so don't get caught with your "plants down"!

Sincerely, Starr your plant lady. HAVE A GREAT GROWING SEASON!


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