By Starr Potratz

One of the soils we carry has these words on the bag, Plant a row for the hungry.

My husband Boss Moss and myself hand out our bounty freely. We have also donated plants

to grow for several community gardens in the Erie area. WE at Potratz green house also give away

tomatoes to our customers and others.

Now when I worked in sales at the green house I always recommended during veggie

season to plant extra so that way the gardener got some produce as well ( LOL) . Which

leads me to this. My "RESEARCH" an article I read stated to plant cucumber and zucchini around your corn.

The rough prickly nature of the plants would detour raccoons away. Well plant a row for the hungry

the rabbits,whistle pigs,deer. I believe they to are hungry!!! We counted 40 ears of some of the best corn

I've ever planted,silver queen , bodacious, butter & sugar, Im talking awesome varieties.

Trial and ERROR are great teachers.Ending on another happier note, a customer came

to me to say thanks for recommendation from Boss Moss. He was told to plant onions all around

the edge and in front of that goes marigolds. Smiling from ear to ear he said NOTHING has entered

his veggies.


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