By Starr Potratz

On behalf of the entire family and associates here at Potratz Floral Shop & Greenhouse's Inc. we THANK YOU!!!!!!! Without you who would we share our passion for plants and flowers with? The mums have been flying out the door, don't worry we still have some left but limited quantity so get over here and check it out.

This coming next two weeks will be amazing, with our Open House and Women's Expo. where we have lots of great holiday ideas, savings in both the Greenhouse and Floral Shop. Just because our days are approaching the end of 2016 doesn't stop this family from going strong. Let's finish strong with beautiful fall and holiday deals. Come see what's new and if it's old there's a good chance it can be yours at great savings.

Again, thank each and every one of you for keeping Potratz Floral Shop and greenhouses one of the best place's in ERIE!!! Great Customers = Great Business!!!

Sincerely, Starr Potratz your plant lady of the last 42 years

P.S. Couldn't of done it without you :-)


Potratz Floral Shop & Greenhouses, Inc.

1418 Buffalo Road,

Erie, PA 16503