Buzz, Swat, Scratch......

By Starr Potratz

Hard to believe the way this season is growing. Today I found the horror of what lies in 'standing water'...Mosquito Larvae ...tons of the little BIG pests! So on that note let me give you the buzz about what to do. Any standing water is a breeding ground and with all the beautiful rain barrels promoted this spring, we need to take action. At Potratz Greenhouse we carry Mosquito Bits which are Awesome!!! Just a sprinkle (follow directions) will do. I treated my Rain Barrel and then off to check around the rest of the property, saucers, puddles and any place water can stand are key places.

I noticed too I haven't said much on planting and growing tips, So here it is ...Grow And Plant with LOVE!!!

Sincerely, Starr the "Plant Lady and Mosquito Killer"


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