Bunnies, Moles, Slugs... UGH!!!

By Starr Potratz

Hopefully we have made a lot of satisfied people with their spring and pre-summer purchases. We still have a wonderful choice of fresh inventory for the gardener. If you are having the same challenges as me, then you can agree this is garden war!!! Bunnies, Voles, Moles, Wood Chucks, Gophers, and these little Weasel looking things, UGH!!!!!!! Trust me growing out here in the country is something else this year.

As far as natural remedies, I have heard "plant more" which is music to my ears, as well as sound deterrent.

Juicy Fruit Gum for Moles or Voles put one piece down the hole (you must wear gloves unwrapping it).

Corn Meal for "Leaf Eaters" dust onto vegetables when dry conditions & re-apply after rain.

Hot Pepper Flakes onto soil to burn tender paws and stop them from digging.

Sevin Dust and Diotanaceous Earth are still considered two of the more natural remedies it can even kill fleas on dogs & cats.

Stale Beer for slugs... they love it but be prepared to see them bloat up.

A good deterrent for animals is put your compost piles or bins away from your garden!!! Remember GROW WITH LOVE and as I tell my children... there are no stupid questions, just stupid answers. Never stop learning... I haven't :-)

Sincerely, Starr the Plant Lady


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